The Programme

The 3rd Africa Islamic Finance Forum conference programme will look at the huge opportunities in Africa and address the challenges facing the industry. Led by senior decision-making experts, it will discuss; 

  • Why Africa? A pan-African view of the continent’s Islamic finance landscape for investors and institutions looking at new finance options
  • Why Islamic finance opens doors to new opportunities for funding - Accessing investment from the global Islamic community and why being a Sharia-compliant entity can put you at the head of the list
  • Understanding the principles of Islamic finance - Where it best fits as a funding mechanism – mitigating and avoiding the risk of riba and gharar
  • Legal and Shariah-compliance Experts - Discussing the hot issues in today’s markets
  • Role of Islamic finance in building new cross-border agreements - Boosting growth and fund large state projects throughout Africa
  • Applying Islamic finance principles to alternative capital structures
    • Private Equity
    • Bonds
    • Direct Investments
  • The market outlook on opportunities for applying compliant finance structures throughout the African continent:
    • REITS
    • Infrastructure
    • Fintech
    • SME finance


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